Playlist of the week

I know I said I was going to do a "Song of the week" each week, but there is an abundance of incredible songs and artist out there in the world. I feel that one a week would be a waste. So I decided to do a playlist instead. 10-15 songs that I have been…Read more Playlist of the week


May 26, 2014- Songspace

A couple of months ago I started to fill out an entry to a songwriting contest for a Publishing deal but I decided not to send it in. I never submitted my entry for a couple reasons. The first being that I wasn't 100% behind the two songs I was going to enter. The second…Read more May 26, 2014- Songspace

May 22, 2014- Bday and randomness.

I know I haven’t posted anything in a few days, but in my defense I have been REALLY busy. I turned 26 over the weekend. Such a strange sensation that brings about. I am now officially closer to 30 than 20. I got to take in some great live music with some of the most…Read more May 22, 2014- Bday and randomness.

May 17, 2014- Country? Pop? Indie? Who gives a …..

There has a been something bothering me the past couple weeks. It's really stupid but for some reason it has been crawling under my skin like little bugs. I constantly get asked what kind of songs I write and play. A few years ago I would have very quickly responded. Country. After all that's what…Read more May 17, 2014- Country? Pop? Indie? Who gives a …..

“The One That Got Away”

I have been digging through my extensive music library the past few days, trying to find some song that is uplifting and encouraging to use for this weeks S.O.W. (That's song of the week for those of you not keeping up). I made a list, I weighed my options and narrowed it down to a…Read more “The One That Got Away”

May 12, 2014- insomnia and apple juice

So here it is after midnight.  Again.  I can't sleep. I really thought once I restocked my apple juice my sleeping pattern would go back to semi-normal but not so much.  Let's face it. I have NEVER had a normal sleeping pattern. Hold on. I feel I should explain the apple juice thing instead of…Read more May 12, 2014- insomnia and apple juice