May 12, 2014- insomnia and apple juice

So here it is after midnight.  Again.  I can’t sleep. I really thought once I restocked my apple juice my sleeping pattern would go back to semi-normal but not so much.  Let’s face it. I have NEVER had a normal sleeping pattern. Hold on. I feel I should explain the apple juice thing instead of just leaving that comment out there…. Like a weirdo.  I drink a glass of Apple juice (the kind with only 4 grams of sugar not the 28g one)  every night before bed. It’s really strange and really random, I’m not sure how it got started but it’s what I do. Deal with it. No but seriously, since I started drinking apple juice at night, my dreams seem to be more visual and I tend to remember details a lot better. Which I LOVE! I tend to take what I dream and use what I can when I’m writing a song.

Any who-sy. Back on track. If there even was a track to this post to start with. Probably not. I’ve got 8 oz of wacky apple juice in my system and my mind is 90 to nothing as it usually is.

What to talk to about.  Any ideas?  No?  Me neither…

my my dog is blocking my fan at the moment and it is REALLY hot in my room, so there’s that…..

Oooh!  I start pre-production on my EP here in a couple weeks. That’s going to be such an exciting (busy) time. I plan on documenting the shit out of It and sharing it too so be prepared. Or warned. Whatever.

I think I’m going to log off and try to wrestle my fan back and attempt to get some sleep. I’ll post more of these Journaly post soon.


Au revoir

“that’s “goodbye” in French friends) 




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