“The One That Got Away”

I have been digging through my extensive music library the past few days, trying to find some song that is uplifting and encouraging to use for this weeks S.O.W. (That’s song of the week for those of you not keeping up). I made a list, I weighed my options and narrowed it down to a Crosby Loggins song. Then something happened today that altered my mood and I decided to go with “The One that got away” byThe Civil Wars instead.  Without going into detail lets just say I strongly dislike being made out to be the bad guy. “The one that got away” sums up my overall feelings of a crappy situation.  Joy and John Paul’s vocals and eloquent way of wording things you wish you could say is just mind blowing. Their harmonies intertwine so effortlessly.  I know I’m not alone in wishing they could work out whatever differences they have and make more music. http://youtu.be/QUWvtrypGGI


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