May 14, 2014- California

Today, California is really calling my name. To be perfectly honest, it has been for quite some time now. As the days pass the more I find myself eager to pack up everything (maybe I’ll just sell it all?) and load it into my truck and drive the 1,327 miles to Los Angeles. Was that too specific with the miles? Maybe I should have said the 20 hour drive instead? I’ve drove 13 hours to Nashville straight through what’s another 7? I can not even begin to describe the pull that place has on me.

Do you believe in signs? Like a higher being is guiding you towards where you are supposed to be? I do. Every time I turn around there is something pointing me in the direction of the West coast. I got lost in the OKC version of China Town yesterday and came cruising down a side street and there was an old abandoned auto shop. This sounds slightly insignificant I’m sure, but just stay with me a second. I haven’t even told you what the name of the shop is. Wait for it. Are you waiting? It was “California dreaming.” How random. (I still want to know what this is doing in the middle of China Town?) I think it was for the older hot rod models (assuming from the old rusted cars sitting around the shop) There have been many other “signs” popping up randomly: a piece of mail with the return address for LA, a random wrong number from someone calling from a 323 area code(I had to look up where that was at since I don’t usually answer calls I don’t know). I have to believe these are all signs for me that I am not where I need to be. So here is the official announcement. I am moving to California. I have given myself a dead line to be a full time resident of LA County by the end of August. Shooting for sooner though so fingers crossed and prayers said.

The hardest part about deciding to move half-way across country, for me, is leaving my family behind. Luckily there is Skype and face time and a slew of social media networks to stay in touch. Most of my friends have their own families now and my sisters are old enough to take care of themselves without having to be watched over. So what is stopping me from leaving today? I have the money to at least make it there and get a hotel room for several nights while I work out the logistics. You know where to stay, job, the important things one needs to survive in todays’ world. I want to make sure that I have my ducks in a row and not fall flat on my face when I’m out there. Hopefully, one of the gajillion companies I sent my Resume to over the past week will offer me a job. Then I would just need to find a place for me and Emmylou (my dog) to live. Sounds like a plan to me.



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