May 17, 2014- Country? Pop? Indie? Who gives a …..

There has a been
something bothering me the past couple weeks. It’s really stupid but for some reason it has been crawling under my skin like little bugs. I constantly get asked what kind of songs I write and play. A few years ago I would have very quickly responded. Country. After all that’s what I grew up on and what I listened to most of the time. These days, I struggle with finding an answer. (But if I really have to answer, I would probably lean towards Singer-Songwriter its just an all-encompassing genre. ) But why do we have to categorize our works? Since when do we have to put our selves in one spot and not allow room to grow and explore? It just stifles the shit out of our creativity. It is in human nature to want to grow and change and evolve; so why do we feel like it is ok for someone to write and create the same thing over and over? Why not just let them write whatever the hell they want? When I sit down to write or when an idea comes to me, I do not try to control it. Instead I follow where ever it wants to go. If I write a country sounding song then that’s great. If i write a song that has more of a pop feel to it. Then that is great too. I’ve even got some that can be classified as Americana/Indie/whatever. Music, no matter what genre, can be connected with on some level by everyone. It just has a different background. Its all about the message and the feelings and emotions. So quit being prejudice. Just enjoy the music. And for goodness sake, quit trying to place artist/songwriters/musicians in a particular box, let them just do what they love without constraints.



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