May 26, 2014- Songspace

A couple of months ago I started to fill out an entry to a songwriting contest for a Publishing deal but I decided not to send it in. I never submitted my entry for a couple reasons. The first being that I wasn’t 100% behind the two songs I was going to enter. The second was I didn’t believe in myself enough as a songwriter to think I had a chance. I moved on and forgot about the contest until I had 3 emails pop up in my inbox today reminding me that the deadline was coming up. I will be honest, had it only been one email I would have sent it to my deleted file and went about my business. However, I do believe in a greater power sending us signs and guiding us towards where and what we need to be at in a certain point in our lives. So I did what any superstitious person would do. I opened the email, followed the link, and submitted two different songs that I fully believe in. Now the waiting begins. I’m sure there are 1000 people who have submitted to the same contest that are 10x better than I am. But this is part of the new me. I am putting my music and myself out there into the universe. Starting to see a pattern of opening up to be vulnerable in my post? Good! Because that is what I am striving for. My grandma always said “The answer will always be “No” if you never ask.” I think the same idea applies to going after things in your life.



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