Songspace- update

Well the Top 25 finalist were announced for the Songspace pub deal contest today. I didn't make the list. Which I am perfectly ok with. I took a chance and submitted my songs. I would consider that a win for me. As awesome as it would be to work with SecretRoad as a published writer.…Read more Songspace- update


“Give it all up”

"Give it all up" was the product of a very unhealthy period in my life. I was hanging out with some less than stellar influences. When I wasn't working at either of my two jobs, I would be hanging out and drinking. Basically, the rebellion phase most people go through when they are teenagers I…Read more “Give it all up”

June 24, 2014- Coffee: lesson learned

Have you ever woke up after a night of drinking and thought to yourself "I willNEVER drink that much again?" I woke up this morning thinking such a thing. It's not quite what you are thinking. I did not go out and get trashed on a Tuesday night. That would be irresponsible of me. And…Read more June 24, 2014- Coffee: lesson learned

June 24- playlist of the week

This weeks Playlist is filled with a variety of Singer/Songwriters that have been pouring out of my headphones and into my soul in recent months. “Better Days”- Crosby Loggins The first verse is encouraging to me when I am going through a writers block. “Sister don’t worry I know how you feel. You’re feeling uninspired.…Read more June 24- playlist of the week

“Whatever It Takes”

Alright, let’s be honest. I know I am not the best Ukulele player, in all fairness I have only been playing it for…. what... a little over two weeks now? When I wrote the first verse of this song (two days prior to buying my uke), I had originally started writing it on guitar. (Capo…Read more “Whatever It Takes”

“Without You”

This song pretty much wrote itself. I didn't try to force it in a certain direction or make it go where I thought it should. I had been playing the melody on my guitar for a few weeks as something to strum whenever I couldn't think of anything else to play. Then one day the…Read more “Without You”

June 16- Playlist of the Week

It's taken me a lot longer to get this list put together than I would have liked. I had the list made last week but just haven't had a lot of time to sit down and type it all up. So I finally made time this morning. “Sweet Talking Liar”- Jay Nash Without listing too…Read more June 16- Playlist of the Week