June 11, 2014- 50 DAYS, songwriting, good news

Hola mi amigos and Amigas.

I haven’t posted in a few days so I thought I’d do a little update.

Life has been chaotic lately, Or at least to me it feels that way. I have been struck with a panic that I am suppose to be moving to the west coast in 50 days!!! It’s starting to become more of a reality than a dream. I’m still sending out resumes and making calls to find a job before I load up everything I own and make the 1300 miles trek across the southwestern United States. I haven’t even begun looking for a place yet either.

All this panic and stress has started to show up in my songwriting. Which I suppose is a healthy way for me to process these rapidly approaching life changes. But the problem with being motivated and eager to write about what I’m feeling, is I don’t have much time. Sure, I spend my lunch hour working out lyrics and chord progressions but I haven’t had much time to really focus on nurturing the songs the way I know I should. It’s frustrating.

this is what my lunch writing looks like

To lighten the mood after that venting episode, there is a guy down in Texas who is wanting to use one of the songs I wrote earlier this year on his upcoming album. So that’s pretty freaking awesome! For fear of jinxing myself I’m not going to say who or what song. But I think they fit together really well.

Gotta get back to “Work” now. I’ll have the playlist of the week up sometime in the next day or two. That’s my goal anyway.



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