Alright, let’s be honest. I know I am not the best Ukulele player, in all fairness I have only been playing it for…. what… a little over two weeks now? When I wrote the first verse of this song (two days prior to buying my uke), I had originally started writing it on guitar. (Capo on the 6th fret, a little “A” and “D” action… merely useless details now.) It just did not meet the expectations that I had envisioned for it. So I just stopped. In all honesty, I didn’t believe that I would ever finish it and it would be just another partial lyric written in another notebook. So when I got home and was getting acquainted with my new instrument, the aforementioned Ukulele, I looked up some of the basic chords: “C,F,G, D, A.” Ok! I can work with these, they aren’t that complicated. I started playing around with the neck (if your brain just turned that dirty insert “that’s what she said” joke here) and realized I had a pretty neat little “rift” if you can call it that. I was goofing off when suddenly I started singing the words to the song I had given up on, and using a different melody, they fell into place and more soon followed.

This song will probably never make it to any official recording(as many of mine won’t) and that may be because I can tell it is highly influenced by the large quantity of Ingrid Michaelson I have been listening too, or because I struggle with the “OH-OH” part of the chorus.

Side note: I was trying something new and plus I couldn’t think of words for those two lines. If I remember right, Michelle Branch once said that was the reason she used “La La La Da “ in the song “Empty handed .” was because she couldn’t find the words for a bridge. I could be wrong about the song but I know she said it about one of her songs in an interview.

“Whatever It Takes” was the first song I wrote on the Ukulele so it will most likely not be forgotten any time soon. The song is basically about wanting to be with someone, and willing to do “Whatever It Takes” to nurture and give everything you have to make it last through all the good and bad.

Not sure why it cuts off at the end but all it is, is me singing the chorus one more time.


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