June 24- playlist of the week

This weeks Playlist is filled with a variety of Singer/Songwriters that have been pouring out of my headphones and into my soul in recent months.

“Better Days”- Crosby Loggins

The first verse is encouraging to me when I am going through a writers block. “Sister don’t worry I know how you feel. You’re feeling uninspired. I know it gets hard; you wanna give up, getting so tired. Hold your head up high.” See. Encouraging huh? The song as a whole is very uplifting and helps you see the silver lining in whatever you are going through.

“Anything for you”- Brendan James

Such a sweet song, by a talented guy. The only downside to this song is now I have unrealistic expectations for a future husband. (Totally a joke…sorta) Check out not just this song but his album “Transition” as well. Although all his releases are good.

“Watched You Fall”- Meredith Brooks

The complete opposite of the last song on the list, this song is about someone close suffering and not realizing what was happening in front of your eyes. We all get caught up in our world and don’t notice when someone close to us needs a helping hand. At least that’s my interpretation of the song.

“I’m a mess” – Ed Sherran

I’m thoroughly impressed by Ed’s newest album. I listened to it 3 times yesterday, all the way through. This song stuck out the most to me. I can’t pinpoint the exact reason though. It’s a song about “going through the motions” in a relationship, not really putting your all into something you use to be fully invested in. But you still believe in love. Maybe not necessarily that one. But love in general. Come on. We’ve all been there

“One Grain of Sand”- Ron Pope

I am in love with Ron Popes’ voice. Its smooth yet there is something just beneath the surface of it that grabs ahold of you. This song is one of my favorites of his, I always find my feet tapping with the beat and my head bobbing along with it. It is all about knowing that you can’t make someone be with you and would rather deal with the heartache of it not working, then suffer in trying to make something out of nothing.

“Running for Cover”- Ivan and Alyosha

“It’s easy to blame someone else for my wants and worries, but I know, I accept that it’s just a part of who I am.” While this whole song is incredibly well written, this is the line that I most enjoy. It is a good reminder to ourselves that all the things we crave or find worrisome are a part of what makes us…us. Ivan and Alyosha played in Norman, OK last fall and I was lucky enough to get to attend. I highly recommend catching a live show of theirs if you can.

“Landline”- Greg Laswell

I’m not just talking about the title track, but the WHOLE album. From “Eyes on You” to “Dragging You Around” to “Come Back Down” they are all GREAT songs. Greg has this ability to write what we struggle with internally and put it to amazing melodies.

“Wish You Well”- Katie Herzig

The way this song builds on its self is beautiful. It starts off softly and slowly builds with intensity as it progresses after the first chorus. It is about accepting the end of a relationship but choosing to remember the good and not “how you left.” My favorite line is “The only reason my heart beats, is because you showed it how.” We don’t know how to love until we have it, and even if it leaves, we still know the feeling and how to love after it.

“Where I stood”- Missy Higgins

Missy Higgins is without a doubt one of my favorites right now. This song especially! It seems to me that it is all about not knowing who you are without someone and having to learn who that person you have become is, all the while dealing with the idea that someone else will take your place with them eventually.

I honestly didn’t mean to have so many songs related to the end of relationships. I guess there is some inner turmoil I should look into, or maybe I just choose to see the beauty in heartbreak and moving on?Whatever my reasoning may be, I hope you will treat your ears to these great music experiences and interpret them for yourself.


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