June 24, 2014- Coffee: lesson learned

Have you ever woke up after a night of drinking and thought to yourself “I willNEVER drink that much again?” I woke up this morning thinking such a thing. It’s not quite what you are thinking. I did not go out and get trashed on a Tuesday night. That would be irresponsible of me. And I’m a responsible person. For the most part. I did however go out to an IHOP with two friends and drank wayyyyy too much coffee and talked about music. Party animals. Let me tell ya.

I absolutely love getting to hang out with Devin and Jamie, I laugh harder around them than anyone else. It’s a rare thing to meet complete strangers and instantly connect and become friends with and are completely able to be yourself around. No judgment. Well maybe a little but it’s all in good spirit (and good jokes).

Being new to the coffee world, I should have paced myself. By the time I got home (somewhere around midnight) and laid down to go to sleep, all I could feel was my blood dancing excitedly through my veins. I’m naturally a hyper person as it is but add in 6 maybe 8 cups of coffee and it’s a wonder I even managed to get any sleep. (I got 4 hours until both my dogs decided I needed to be up at 5 instead of 6:30. Just incase you were wondering, but probably not. )

We had 4 pots of coffee between the 3 of us. In about 2 hours.

The conclusion to this pointless story? I will never, I repeat NEVERdrink that much coffee before bed again.


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