Solo Acoustic

It's been a long time coming, but it looks like I am finally playing a show with my new music. Thanks to NakedCity OKC for believing in my music and myself enough to ask me to be part of their "Night In Verse" at the District House in the Plaza district of OKC. It's an…Read more Solo Acoustic


July 22, 2014 Playlist

“Shine” – Hannah GeorgasHannah is currently on tour with Sara Bareilles and since I am lucky enough to get to go catch the last show of the tour in August I thought I would check out her music and I must admit, I love everything she has released so far.  This song especially, it’s so…Read more July 22, 2014 Playlist

“Mr. Bluebird”

There’s not really a cool story behind “Mr. Bluebird,” I wish there was though.  I was over at my friend Kolt Rossmans apartment back in early 2013 for a writing session.  We had just decided to call it a night and I was sitting there on this plastic tub that was out in the middle…Read more “Mr. Bluebird”


I have been writing songs for most of my life. But I've only been sharing them with others for the past 6.5 years or so. In that time I started I get feedback from friends and family, and a common comment made was "your songs are really good. But they are so sad and depressing.…Read more “Together”

July 13, 2014- Photoshoot with NakedCity OKC

Yesterday morning, I had the privilege to participate in a photo shoot with NakedCity OKC Magazine. I'll be honest I wasn't too sure what to expect. I've never been a fan of having my picture taken. It's a very awkward feeling being the center of attention. Definitely not something i am use to. The experience…Read more July 13, 2014- Photoshoot with NakedCity OKC

NakedCity OKC playlist, recording, and other opportunities

June was a whirlwind of blessings for me and July is shaping up to be even better!!! I have been receiving an overwhelming amount of support towards my songwriting lately, from people I've never met before! That's the best kind! Because you know.... They aren't biased and tell you what they really think. Social media…Read more NakedCity OKC playlist, recording, and other opportunities

July 6, 2014- Health, Home, Hope.

This past week has been both a pain in the ass and filled with wonderful things. Shall I elaborate? The first half of the week I was extremely sick, up until Thursday I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. Thanks to some fabulous steroids from the Dr. (Yay insurance!) I felt almost 100%…Read more July 6, 2014- Health, Home, Hope.