NakedCity OKC playlist, recording, and other opportunities

June was a whirlwind of blessings for me and July is shaping up to be even better!!! I have been receiving an overwhelming amount of support towards my songwriting lately, from people I’ve never met before! That’s the best kind! Because you know…. They aren’t biased and tell you what they really think. Social media has been a large part of that. Thanks largely to twitter and soundcloud, I have been able to share songs to a large number of people and in return have received positive feedback.

I have some great opportunities coming up to get out and showcase my songs and hopefully *fingers crossed* I can REALLY get the ball rolling.

The kind folks with Nakedcity OKC have been highly helpful and supportive of my songwriting and me. So much so that they included me in a playlist containing some GREAT talent from Oklahoma. This is incredibly humbling and I feel like I should bake them a cake or cookies or something. (y’all let me know what you want and I’ll make it happen)
They are also working hard on setting up an “unplugged” session. More details on that later.

Here is the link for the playlist. Please go give it a listen and enjoy some of Oklahomas’ best local talent.

I’m finally going to get into a real studio and record a few songs. The hard part is that I have to choose which songs I want to record. I have a “meeting” in a few days with Mr. Tony and hopefully we will be able to narrow it down. Then we can get started.

I will be setting up a time with Acoustic Oklahoma soon to go in and play a couple songs. It’s time to kick things into high gear. I’m not going to be young forever. And dreams don’t just make themselves come true. I deeply regret dragging my feet and not believing in myself enough over the past few years and for listening to negative people. Who knows I could have been able to quit one of my day jobs by now. I truly believe that our biggest opponent in reaching our goals and dreams is ourselves.

Don’t forget to check out NakedCity OKC playlist!!!



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