“Mr. Bluebird”

There’s not really a cool story behind “Mr. Bluebird,” I wish there was though.  I was over at my friend Kolt Rossmans apartment back in early 2013 for a writing session.  We had just decided to call it a night and I was sitting there on this plastic tub that was out in the middle of his living room, playing this simple chord progression (as I so often do) and the words just fell out.  I wrote this song and one other one in about 15-20 minutes.  I’m sure Kolt was ready for me to leave since it was almost midnight and there’s this chick in his living room playing a song about a Bluebird over and over.  I went back a couple days later and he put this killer guitar lead thing to it.  You can hear me smile when we were recording it on the version that is up on Sound Cloud right now.

I honestly forgot about this song until I went on the photo shoot with NakedCity OKC and it was brought up.  Now it’s like life has been breathed into it again.  Kolt agreed to properly record it instead of the dinky voice memo recording on my phone that has been posted on SoundCloud. We worked on it last night and I still smile and crack up with such giddiness when he plays lead on it.  It just makes my soul incredibly happy.  Hopefully, I’ll have a better recording to post soon that really showcases the songs quality.





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