July 22, 2014 Playlist

“Shine” – Hannah Georgas

Hannah is currently on tour with Sara Bareilles and since I am lucky enough to get to go catch the last show of the tour in August I thought I would check out her music and I must admit, I love everything she has released so far.  This song especially, it’s so simple but evokes a large amount of emotion

“Headphones” Matt Nathanson feat. LOLO

This is Matts newest release and I have already ran the play count number up to high double digits on my ipod.  I love that is depicts the power that music has to make you “feel invincible” This rings true in my life and I immediately connected with the character Matt created for the song.

“Shorty Don’t Wait” A Great Big World

You probably know their song “Say Something” which deserves to be on this list as well, but when I listened to their album the first time through this is the song that stood out the most to me.  You can hear how much they love getting to do what they do in the recording.  Its not over produced like most songs tend to be these days.  Plus its catchy as fuck.


“Gimme Something Good” Ryan Adams

FINALLY!!!! New Ryan Adams music! I have a tendency to buy anything he puts out without ever listening to it first.  His ability to put out high quality music time after time is a true testament to how incredibly gifted he is.  This song is no different.  It possess a 80s esque vibe that is reminiscent to Tom Petty (which is one of my favorites) I can’t wait until the new album drops this fall.



“It Aint Yours to Throw Away” Sam Palladio (from ABC show “Nashville”)

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. The music director of “Nashville” has incredible taste.  This song aired on the season 2 finale which was right around the time I was contemplating if maybe I was making a mistake pursuing this music thing.  So I like to listen to it whenever I start getting down on myself.  The fact that Pam Tillis had a hand in co-writing this beautiful song (with Lee Brice and Jon Stone) makes it even better.  Sam does an incredible job delivering the message of the song.  At one point in the song he even sounds a little like Lee Brice which is awesome.


 “Paint Me A Picture” Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

This song is ridiculously good.  It digs into your soul.  Jonathans voice is filled with longing and you just want to stop what you are doing and enjoy the simple melody and let it wash over you.


“Am I Wrong” Nico & Vinz

I’m not going to lie; the instrumental at the beginning of the song  had me hooked from the get go. Then you dig into the verses and hear lines like “Walk your walk and don’t look back, always do what you decide. Don’t let them control your life…” It’s just a killer song.


“Rude” MAGIC!

This song has that badass reggae vibe to it which makes it cool by itself.  It has also stirred up a lot of media notice lately.  There is even a YouTube video someone made of a response from the dads point of view.  It’s quite entertaining.  If you’re looking for a good little song to just chill out and enjoy, go check this one out.


“I Love You When I’m Drunk” Roger Creager

Roger just released his new album… today actually.  Upon first listen, I really enjoy this song.  I think we have all (those of us of legal drinking age) been in the position of going through our daily life acting like we don’t care about someone anymore, but when the alcohol sets in our true feelings come out.


“If I were You” Kasey Chambers

A few years ago I went through a Kasey Chambers phase… where I would only listen to her music.  That’s not to say I don’t still listen to it now, because I do, just in moderation.  This song was one of my favorites to play on repeat.  It could because there was a “I liked a guy but he didn’t like me thing” happening at the time.  Even had that not been going on this song is still incredible.






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