August 4, 2014- August!!! Already???

Wow, it’s hard to believe that it is already August. This year has really flown by. I know we say that every year but really… It doesn’t seem possible to be in the eighth month already.

This month is crazy busy and exciting for me. I not only am going to California (NEXT week!!) but I’m playing my first solo acoustic show in over a year. (Also NEXT week!!)


That’s a pretty badass show flyer if I do say so myself…

I’ve enlisted the talents of my dear friend James Purdy to play percussion with me. So technically it’s not a completely solo show. I’m excited to play some of the new songs I’ve crafted over the past year. No longer the quiet country girl saying what she thinks people want to hear. It’s more indie/singer songwriter type stuff. I’ve dealt with heartache and a big move and struggled with figuring out who I am over the past year, all of that has come out in my music.

Speaking of… I’ve been recording with Mr. Kolt Rossman the past couple weeks. The guys a genius. He crafted this heartbreaking violin to “Mr. Bluebird”. The songs definitely obtaining it’s own life. I can’t wait to be able to share it with everyone.

In other non music related news. My niece turns 2 tomorrow! This is scary. I remember getting the call to come to the hospital. I was the second person to hold her (after her dad) since Tiff was still groggy from the C-section. My nephew starts kindergarten this month too! I’m not ready for my niece and nephew to grow up yet. Although I’m enjoying seeing the realization on their faces when it registers how cool their aunt is 😉

I’m working on a new playlist blog but it’s taking me awhile, things have been busy. With rehearsal for my show, working two jobs, playing open mics with my old band mate and life in general. But I’ll post it this week sometime. Promise.



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