Over the past few years, I have dove deep down into the rabbit holes of YouTube, MySpace, and Reverbnation and their music suggestions. Searching for artist and songs that will inspire me and my music.  During which time I came across an incredible singer-songwriter who has continued to put out great songs.   Surprisingly,  not that many people seem to know who she is. (Unless you tuned into The Voice back in 2012 when she was competing as the duo The Line, with Leland Grant.) Hailey Steel has been one of my favorite songwriters based in Nashville for quite some time.  There’s something compelling in her vocal style and writing ability. She even placed top 25 in the Secret Road Pub Deal contest this past summer. That’s the same one I entered and have absolutely no problem not being chosen if artist like her made the cut.  =)

One of my favorite songs on the new EP is “Diamonds.”  Granted I’ve heard it countless times acoustically  on YouTube, but its nice hearing a full production of the song.  I can definitly relate to it because this songwriting thing is taking some time but the reward is going to be amazing once I finally reach some of my bigger goals even if it means I have to work 3 jobs in the mean time.

If you do follow previous seasons of The Voice you may remember Rae Lynn, the Texas blonde vocalist that caught the ear of my hometown boy Blake Shelton. She released a song called “Boyfriend” back in December of 2012. You can now find a version of it on Haileys’ new EP as well. (I personally like this version better but maybe because I’m a wee bit older then the 20 year old songstress.)  Hailey, along with another songwriting inspiration of mine, Nicolle Galyon ( a former The Voice contestant herself)  and Rae Lynn all contributed to writing this catchy song.

I’ve tried catching one of her shows over the past few years when I would visit Nashville but for whatever reason I never got the chance to make that happen.  Luckily, tonight she is doing a StageIt.com show to celebrate the release of her new EP. (click on the link to be taken to the venue)  The show starts at 8pm and its a “pay what you can” admission where you can watch from the comfort of your own home. Swing by iTunes to pick up your copy of her new EP for only $4.95 here-> https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hailey-steele-ep/id930171846 and be sure to tune in tonight!

Go follow Hailey on twitter to keep up to date on what is going on. https://twitter.com/hailey_steele or check out her website for even more news http://www.haileysteele.com/


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