It seems every artist, writer, musician has there bouts with the muse.  Whether its struggling to find time to create and relish in the inspiration, or trying to find some form of inspiration to keep their dreams a reality.  I’ve been in the later group for several months.  I’ve tried to sit down with my guitar or at the piano and write something to pass off as a song. To no avail. I’ve felt like my songwriting had met its early demise, and I’ve considered putting my lifelong dream to rest.  To hang up my guitars on the wall as permanent art pieces, a reminder of a time when music consumed my mind and filled my soul.  9 months of picking up a pen just to crumple a piece of paper and throw it towards the trash can.  I’ve come to realize that I’ve been a shadow of a ghost of myself.  Self removed from the world around me.  I’ve let go of friendships and I’ve changed how I show myself to the world.  It’s time i get me back.  Starting now I am going to push through this uninspired faze of my life and start going out and refinding what use to inspire me and hopefully that will lead me back to who I am and i can get back to writing songs and, hopefully, sharing them with the world.

I may have lost a long battle, but I will not lose this war.


New music will happen…. soon… it has to.


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