This is my world. I over analyze, I have a bizarre but endearing sense of humor, I cuss more than I probably should. I am human and I make mistakes. This is my journey to becoming a better songwriter and a better person.





Jessica Leigh has been writing songs most of her life. In 2007 she moved to Ada, OK to get to know her biological father. There she learned that music ran in the family. Her father is a fairly famous musician around south eastern Oklahoma, who had given up on his love and passion until she came around. They started playing and singing around bonfires at their house. In 2011 she started playing some of her songs at a local bar called the Statesman Lounge thanks to the encouragement of other local musicians. In 2012 she teamed up with her friend Savannah Lowe to form the band LoveLady Road and together they opened for several different bands including FastLane South, Willie Stradlin Band, and Jason Stringfellow. Before long they were playing almost every Wednesday night at the Statesman Lounge where they developed a strong following. In October of 2012 they split up to pursue different musical avenues. Now Jess has been playing and writing with several artist from all over Oklahoma. Playing her first solo artist show at The Gypsy Coffeehouse in Tulsa, Ok in January 2013. Though she has a quiet demeanor off stage you should expect great things from this talented up and coming songwriter. Check out some demos and quick recordings on soundcloud : JessicaLeighMusic. Don’t forget to follow her on there to hear new songs as they come to life and follow on twitter @JesLeighMusic to stay up to date on what’s going on!


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