“Find Me”

I don't know how many of you follow me on twitter, but if you do, you know I've been struggling with "writers block" since I've been back from California.  That's almost 3 months of not being able tor write a stinking song that's worth a damn.  Well, last week the dry spell has started to become…Read more “Find Me”


“Mr. Bluebird”

There’s not really a cool story behind “Mr. Bluebird,” I wish there was though.  I was over at my friend Kolt Rossmans apartment back in early 2013 for a writing session.  We had just decided to call it a night and I was sitting there on this plastic tub that was out in the middle…Read more “Mr. Bluebird”


I have been writing songs for most of my life. But I've only been sharing them with others for the past 6.5 years or so. In that time I started I get feedback from friends and family, and a common comment made was "your songs are really good. But they are so sad and depressing.…Read more “Together”

“Give it all up”

"Give it all up" was the product of a very unhealthy period in my life. I was hanging out with some less than stellar influences. When I wasn't working at either of my two jobs, I would be hanging out and drinking. Basically, the rebellion phase most people go through when they are teenagers I…Read more “Give it all up”

“Whatever It Takes”

Alright, let’s be honest. I know I am not the best Ukulele player, in all fairness I have only been playing it for…. what... a little over two weeks now? When I wrote the first verse of this song (two days prior to buying my uke), I had originally started writing it on guitar. (Capo…Read more “Whatever It Takes”

“Without You”

This song pretty much wrote itself. I didn't try to force it in a certain direction or make it go where I thought it should. I had been playing the melody on my guitar for a few weeks as something to strum whenever I couldn't think of anything else to play. Then one day the…Read more “Without You”