I’m back

I am the worlds worst at keeping up with this blog. If there was an award for the worlds crappiest blogger, i would be in the running for winning it. I swear that I will do better for now on. I have reminders in my calendar set to remind me to post. So I guess…Read more I’m back


August 4, 2014- August!!! Already???

Wow, it's hard to believe that it is already August. This year has really flown by. I know we say that every year but really... It doesn't seem possible to be in the eighth month already. This month is crazy busy and exciting for me. I not only am going to California (NEXT week!!) but…Read more August 4, 2014- August!!! Already???

July 6, 2014- Health, Home, Hope.

This past week has been both a pain in the ass and filled with wonderful things. Shall I elaborate? The first half of the week I was extremely sick, up until Thursday I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. Thanks to some fabulous steroids from the Dr. (Yay insurance!) I felt almost 100%…Read more July 6, 2014- Health, Home, Hope.