2017!? Already!?

It's 2017!? Already?  It feels like 2016 just started a few months ago.   What a year it has been.  I did something new last year, I started playing open mics around Oklahoma City for the first time.  I decided that it was time for me to support myself as much as I do all…Read more 2017!? Already!?


Nicola Strings Artist of the month for August 2015

So I woke up to some pretty awesome news this morning.  I am Nicola Strings Artist of the month.  Completely unexpected. I switched over to using Nicola Strings a few months ago, and I won't ever go back to what I was using before.  They are the best strings I have ever used in my…Read more Nicola Strings Artist of the month for August 2015

I’m back

I am the worlds worst at keeping up with this blog. If there was an award for the worlds crappiest blogger, i would be in the running for winning it. I swear that I will do better for now on. I have reminders in my calendar set to remind me to post. So I guess…Read more I’m back

Tuesday Tunes

It's that time again. Time to share another batch of songs that I've been listening too. This week I've chosen to share some artist/songs that you more than likely have never heard of, but hopefully you'll love them as much as I do. The first song is a song by British singer/songwriter Ella Eyre. I…Read more Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday tunes

Once again I've decided to change up how i want to do these "What I'm Listening To" post.  It seems i have a problem with picking one format and sticking to it.   Maybe I should just change it every time to keep it interesting? This time i'm just going to post a couple videos…Read more Tuesday tunes

December Playlist

I have been all over the place with what I have been listening to lately.  This playlist definitely shows that.  There is something for everyone on here. Enjoy! December Playlist http://open.spotify.com/user/12166141546/playlist/09P9L0vogerTVnUQTyklvk